Ela Premium

Turn your server into a party with Ela Premium.

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What comes with Premium?

Here's the full list of things you get with Ela Premium.

Longer Songs

Say goodbye to song length limits when you have premium!

Better audio quality

Enjoy twice the bots normal audio quality, 2x the bitrate.

Audio Effects

Allows you to speed up, slow down, nightcore and bass boost songs.

Always playing

The bot stays in the voice channel 24/7, ready to play when you join.

Extra Ela bots

To support multiple voice channels, get multiple Premium Ela's.

Priority support

When support is busy, get your tickets prioritized to the top.

Pricing and plans

Here's a look at what we include in our plans.

Personal Server

$4.99 /month

Go Premium

Premium in 1 server

Better audio quality

Longer songs

Audio effects

Always playing

Extra Ela bots

Frequently Asked Questions About Ela

You may have asked them, we're answering them.

How do I activate my benefits after purchasing premium?

After purchasing Ela premium, go to the Ela bot support server and right click on @ElaMail and send in DM the link with the invoice and id to your server.

What payment methods can I use?

We currently accept Paypal and credit cards.

What's your refund policy?

As a policy, we do not offer refunds more than 3 days after purchasing the package. If you think you have a special reason, we should make an exception, please contact us at

How do I change which servers I have Ela premium on?

To change the server you must make a ticket on the support server with all the evidence that you have purchased this benefit.

How do I cancel my Ela Premium subscription?

You can unsubscribe from our Patreon page in the invoices section. If you cancel, you will retain your benefits on the server (s) for the entire time you paid for the subscription.

Is my payment secure?

Your payment is 100% secure. We do not have access to any information of your credit card or Paypal account, everything is processed through Patreon with maximum security.